Online Turkish Course

Lingua Learn Online Turkish Courses are waiting for those who want to learn Turkish or improve their current Turkish level.

Learning Turkish has never been easier! With our online Turkish courses, language learning is just a click away.

  1. For All Levels: Whatever your level of Turkish proficiency, we have a course that is right for you.
  2. Expert Trainers: Our experienced instructors will support you in your language learning. You’ll quickly advance your language skills with practical conversation, grammar rules, and interactive lessons that will improve your vocabulary.
  3. Interactive Materials: Say goodbye to boring textbooks! Our online courses make lessons more fun and effective with interactive materials. All digital materials are delivered free of charge before the start of the course.
  4. Certificate Program: Easily track your progress and earn your CEFR certificate after successfully completing each course.

Sign up today and start your Turkish learning journey. Achieving your dream language skill has never been more accessible!

The Online English Course is taught by native English instructors

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Types of Online Turkish Courses Are There?

Our courses are basically divided into 1-on-1 private lessons and group courses . If you prefer private lessons, you determine the program completely flexibly. Our group courses are repeated in certain periods.

Who is the Online Turkish Course For?

Those who want to learn Turkish or improve their existing knowledge Anyone 17 years of age or older can participate . We also have a separate course program for children and young people.

At What Levels Can I Learn Turkish with Lingua Learn

With Lingua Learn Online Turkish Course:
A1 – Beginner
A2 – Basic Level
B1 – Intermediate
B2 – Upper Intermediate
You can learn Turkish at CEFR levels.

What Level of Course Do I Need to Attend?

In all of our group courses, we recommend that you attend the 15-minute Placement session with expert assessors that is included in the price before you start. Based on the results of this assessment, you can decide which course you should attend.

Who Provides the Trainings?

All Turkish courses are taught by our qualified, expert instructors whose native language is Turkish .

How long does the Group Online Turkish Course take?

Our group courses are typically 1.5 Hours a day, 2 days a week, for a total of 30 academic hours . In this case, you will have completed a course within 10 weeks. We kindly ask you to review the details of the course schedule, as there may be changes from course to course.

Is a Certificate Given at the End of the Course?

If you complete the courses and pass the certification exam, you will be entitled to the internationally recognized CEFR certificate at no additional cost.

What Topics Does the Online Turkish Course Cover?

Topics for all of our courses are specified in the relevant course contents .

How Much Are The Course Fees?

Lingua Learn supports you by providing cost-effective training. Fees vary depending on the course schedule, level, and type. For up-to-date information, you can review our Turkish course category .