Language Proficiency Assessment

As Lingua Learn Türkiye, we know the importance of language proficiency assessments. Language assessments help:

Determining Your Language Level: Language assessments help you accurately determine your current language level. By finding out what level you are at, you can choose the most suitable program for language education.
Identifying Your Strengths and Weaknesses: Language assessments allow you to identify strengths and weaknesses in your language skills. By understanding which areas you need to work more on, you can focus on your goals and develop more effectively.
Personalized Education: Language assessments provide the basis for determining your unique educational needs. In this way, you can choose the training program and materials that are most suitable for you and continue the language learning process more efficiently.
Track Your Progress: Language assessments allow you to track the progress of your language skills. Periodic assessments help you monitor the progress in your language skills and see how close you are to your goals.

We offer language assessments carried out by experienced experts at Lingua Learn. By accurately determining your language level, we offer you the most appropriate training and support opportunities in your language learning journey. In order for us to offer the best solutions for you, as an individual, as an institution, to evaluate the competence of your employees or candidates, contact us and start your journey to improve your language skills.


The speaking exam is an online one-on-one interview. In the speaking exam, students are asked daily life questions. They must answer in full sentences, making sure they use the correct tenses and appropriate vocabulary. Fluency and pronunciation are also evaluated during the test.


You are given a writing topic and you have to write a certain number of words on that topic. You should express yourself clearly, write in a style appropriate to the topic, and organize your ideas well. Grammatical range, accuracy, and spelling are also evaluated during the test.

Listening Comprehension

Students will listen to a 30-minute recording in 4 parts. The audio recording is designed to reflect real-life situations. Your comprehension skills are tested; You must listen for details and understand the overall context and the speaker’s point of view.

Reading Comprehension

You will be given 4 short texts to read. The ability to understand text, skim it, and extract important information within a specific time period is evaluated. Questions about the text must be answered within the specified time.

A CEFR level will be assigned for each language skill component assessed and an overall attainment score