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Learn Portuguese with native Portuguese teachers and enhanced free learning material with Lingua Learn international quality. Start learning Portuguese now, whether with 1-on-1 private lessons or group courses.


Portuguese with 1-on-1 Tutoring

By taking 1-on-1 private online lessons, you can learn Portuguese quickly and efficiently with the calendar you choose and the program that is shaped according to you. All trainings are given by certified teachers and free educational materials.


Portuguese with Group Courses

If you are new to Portuguese, you can opt for our 1-on-1 private lessons or group courses. All trainings are given by certified teachers and free educational materials.

Assessment Portuguese

Portuguese Placement

If you have knowledge of Portuguese, you can have your Portuguese level measured with a short quiz. Moreover, the fee is refunded to those who register for group trainings. With a short test that takes only 15 minutes…

business Portuguese

Corporate Portuguese for Business

If you want to learn Portuguese for work, you are in the right place. If learning Portuguese is a necessity in your business, we can offer cost-effective solutions by making a corporate agreement.

Compared to other trainings…

  • We are not an educational marketplace that connects you with random teachers. All of our teachers have been carefully selected with Lingua Learn’s high, global accreditation criteria. All of our teachers teach in their native language. He has higher education and language education certificates.
  • We do not provide trainings that do not take place within the framework of a certain curriculum (syllabus) in the style of “join whenever you want”. All of our trainings are carried out seriously and in a planned manner.
  • All of our educational material is copyrighted, professionally prepared and selected. The materials are delivered free of charge before the course to anyone who registers for the training.
  • You are dealing with an institutional structure with the Lingua Learn community, which has international experience and takes responsibility for the quality of your education.

Why Should I Learn Portuguese?

There are many advantages to learning Portuguese. First of all, it is spoken by more than 250 million people around the world, making communication easier when you are for business or travel. In addition, as someone who speaks Portuguese, you can feel at home in a wide geography from Latin America to Europe. Learning this language, which is full of cultural richness and opportunities, also contributes to your personal and professional development. It’s also important from an SEO point of view, because you can target users who are looking for content in Portuguese. Therefore, learning Portuguese can open many doors for you in both your personal and business life. Register now and learn Portuguese online from the comfort of your own home.

Portuguese to Get a Long Term Portugal Visa

Non-EU citizens can participate in the Golden Visa program by making certain investments in Portugal. Golden Visa holders can travel in the Schengen Area without having an additional visa. It is not necessary to know Portuguese to apply for a Golden Visa. However, after obtaining a visa, those who wish to become naturalized or obtain permanent residency must prove that they know Portuguese above CEFR level A2. To do this, it is necessary to be successful in the CIPLE exam or to have at least 150 hours of Portuguese training. Learn Portuguese online and get your Portugal visa.