Language Education for Children and Young People

Give Your Children a Bright Future

As Lingua Learn Turkey, we make the language learning process of your children and teenagers fun and effective. With our expert instructors and innovative teaching methods, we help your children improve their foreign language skills. We offer the best solutions for language education for children and teenagers .

Why Lingua Learn Turkey?

  • Expert Trainers: Instructors who are experienced in their field, provide education in their native language and have pedagogical formation.
  • Fun and Interactive Lessons: Language learning through games, songs, and activities.
  • Small Class Sizes: Individual attention and support for each student.
  • One-to-One Lessons and Group Courses: Flexible training options.


1. Language Education for Children (6-12 Years)

  • Basic Language Skills: Listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • Fun Activities: Games, songs, and storytelling.
  • Cultural Awareness: Getting to know different cultures while learning a language.

Within the scope of language education for children and young people, we offer special programs for children aged 6-12. These programs make children’s language learning fun and effective.

2. Language Education for Young People (13-17 Years)

  • Advanced Language Skills: Fluent speaking and writing.
  • Test Preparation: Private lessons for TOEFL, IELTS , and other language proficiency tests.
  • Academic Support: Language training to help with school subjects.

Within the scope of language education for children and young people, we also have advanced programs for young people aged 13-18. These programs help young people prepare for academic and professional life.

Benefits of Language Education for Children and Young People

  • Academic Achievement: Language learning improves children’s academic performance.
  • Career Opportunities: Advanced knowledge of the language expands future career possibilities.
  • Cultural Awareness and Empathy: By getting to know different cultures, they become more tolerant and understanding individuals.
  • Brain Development: Learning a foreign language improves cognitive skills and problem-solving abilities.

What Do Parents Say?

“Thanks to Lingua Learn Turkey, my son loves learning English. The instructors are very caring and the lessons are a lot of fun.” – Ayse T.

“We are very pleased that my daughter is attending German classes. He learns the language and gets to know different cultures at the same time.” – Mehmet K.

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German one-to-one lessons

1-on-1 Private Lessons

By taking 1-on-1 private online lessons, you can learn Portuguese quickly and efficiently with the calendar you choose and the program that is shaped according to you. All trainings are given by certified teachers and free educational materials.

German group

Group Courses

If you are new to Portuguese, you can opt for our 1-on-1 private lessons or group courses. All trainings are given by certified teachers and free educational materials.

Assessment Portuguese

Portuguese Placement

If you have knowledge of Portuguese, you can have your Portuguese level measured with a short quiz. Moreover, the fee is refunded to those who register for group trainings. With a short test that takes only 15 minutes…

Compared to other trainings…

  • We are not an educational marketplace that connects you with random teachers. All of our teachers have been carefully selected with Lingua Learn’s high, global accreditation criteria. All of our teachers teach in their native language. He has higher education and language education certificates.
  • We do not provide trainings that do not take place within the framework of a certain curriculum (syllabus) in the style of “join whenever you want”. All of our trainings are carried out seriously and in a planned manner.
  • All of our educational material is copyrighted, professionally prepared and selected. The materials are delivered free of charge before the course to anyone who registers for the training.
  • You are dealing with an institutional structure with the Lingua Learn community, which has international experience and takes responsibility for the quality of your education.

FAQs on Language Education for Children and Teenagers:

What languages do you teach?

English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Arabic and more.

Do you have online training options?

All our trainings are done online. Thus, students learn in the comfort of their own homes, without feeling alienated.

Can my child register regardless of their level?

Yes, we have programs for students of all levels, from beginner to advanced.

Discover your children’s language learning process and prepare a bright future for them with Lingua Learn Turkey! Follow our blog and contact us to find out more about language education for children and teenagers.

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