What is Corporate Language Competency Assessment?

What is Corporate Language Competency Assessment?

Lingua Learn Assesses provides assessment tools for organizations looking to recruit candidates with the required proficiency in the target language or assess the language proficiency level of existing employees.

Our online language proficiency assessment program will ensure that the language proficiency of your potential candidate or current staff member is at the required level.

Our virtual assessment is the same as the in-person assessment.

Our trained evaluators carry out the necessary identity and security checks before the assessment. This is done online by Lingua Learn officers, with candidates presenting their passport or official photo ID card.

Corporate Language Competency Assessment

Evaluation by industry terms

The Corporate Language Competency Assessment test can be tailored to fit your industry. If your organization has an expected level of proficiency, the following competencies can be measured.

CEFR Certification

All participants will receive a report and certificate of their competence at the international standard CEFR Level (Common European Framework of Reference).