Online language training and competency assessment for over 15 languages

Certified language competencies open doors to new and exciting career possibilities and create opportunities in the world of work

Online language training from the comfort of your home

  • Learn from qualified and expert native speakers
  • Classes are based on the European CEFR framework, which is considered the gold standard in language assessment, for a high-quality experience
  • Learn through your browser or mobile phone and access class recordings for later viewing
  • Get all the necessary material digitally
  • Track your progress with access to live online assessments and receive your official certifications
  • Set aside a time frame that fits your plans; anytime, anywhere
  • Prepare for your IELTS or other assessment exams with our specially designed courses
  • Learn in small groups or 1-on-1

Affordable corporate training for everyone

  • Corporate classrooms tailored to meet individual student needs
  • Fully online classes and flexible work schedules that cater to working from anywhere
  • The latest digital materials included in the prices
  • Assessments to track progress and show a return on your investment
  • Access a global pool of highly qualified teachers and trainers for the best experiences
  • Give your employees a learning journey that goes beyond the classroom.
  • 20% off all other Lingua Learn products for your employees
Online language training with a laptop, tablet or mobile phone
Online language training by native teachers

Set language standards for current and future staff

  • Private and public organizations, as well as academic institutions, use Lingua Assessment to recruit talent, build team skills, and establish standards for current and future staff. For individuals who have a live spoken proficiency interview with one of our trained Assessors, ratings are based on fluency, grammatical accuracy, linguistic diversity, and phonological checking. A Writing, Listening, and Reading proficiency test is also available.

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Interactive virtual training with a qualified teacher

Language Proficiency Exams

Fast result within 24-48 hours

International experience in online language education

International Online Language Education Platform

You are in the Right Place for Online Language Education

  • All of our teachers speak the language they teach as their mother tongue
  • A professional staff spread around the world supports you every step of the way
  • You study under the internationally recognised CEFR framework
  • Course Training Materials Are Provided Free and Digital
  • Whether You Want 1-on-1 Private Lessons or Group Courses

As an online language training provider, Lingua Learn Turkey specializes in personal and corporate language courses, IELTS coaching and language competency assessments. We offer customized solutions to help you achieve your language learning goals.

With Lingua Learn Turkey, you can take individual online foreign language courses in the language of your choice. Our expert instructors offer you private lessons in their native language, with flexible schedules, allowing you to improve your language skills quickly. You can learn English, German, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Romanian and many other foreign languages from our native teachers.

For our corporate clients, we offer corporate language courses aimed at effective communication in the business world. Tailored to your language needs, our programs enable your employees to increase their language skills and support business success.

With our IELTS coaching programs specially designed for those who want to prepare for the IELTS exam, we help you succeed in each part of the test. Our experienced tutors support you with academic IELTS or general IELTS exam strategies and practical tests.

We offer a variety of language assessment services to accurately assess your language skills. With our assessments covering your speaking, writing, listening and reading skills, we objectively determine your language level and identify areas for improvement. As an institution, we support employee development by determining the language levels of your current and candidate employees.

As Lingua Learn Turkey, we help you achieve your foreign language learning goals with our expert and certified instructor staff and flexible programs. Join us today for online language courses, IELTS coaching and language assessments to suit your needs.

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