Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

The course fees shared on our site include VAT.

The course fee is non-refundable after the training has started or after the d,gital training material has been shared.

If the training has not started or the digital training material has not yet been shared, the consumer can request a cancellation no later than 14 days after the date of order.

The consumer will not be able to benefit from the provisions of the right of withdrawal regarding the services performed instantly in the electronic environment (software, music, video clips, unpacked cassettes, CDs, DVDs and similar data storage devices that can be downloaded, used and copied instantly, e-newspaper and e-book submissions, online products that work with a password over the web) and the goods delivered to the consumer instantly” expressed in the relevant law. will not be done. By accepting this contract, the consumer accepts in advance that he has been informed about the right of withdrawal.

Once payment is received, the course order confirmation is sent by email.

1 copy of digital material is provided free of charge for each training.

A hard copy is also available for an additional fee from our recommended supplier for the program.

Class Zoom links will be sent 72 hours prior to the course start day.

Group Lessons

General Group Courses Requirements

Once training has started in one group, it cannot be requested to move to another group with a different program.

You will be provided with links to download the program’s digital materials and audio files, if any.

All our teachers speak the target language as a native language and during the course, from time to time, if a teacher is ill or unable to attend class due to an emergency, a substitute teacher will be provided, this instructor will be fully informed of the group’s progress.

A video recording of group classes can be used for later viewing, but if this needs to be done, we need to obtain permission from each student before the course starts.

Once enrolled in a group training, the learner can request to move to another group and request new scheduling as long as it is done at least 7 days before the start date of the enrolled group

Each program ends with a final exam consisting of two parts, written and oral. To advance to the next CEFR level, a student must achieve a test score of at least 70%.

Each student is given a progress report, recommendation, and certificate if they qualify, after completing the final exam at the end of each level.

30-Hour Groups

Open groups consist of 30 hours for a Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) level and are based on an enrollment of 5+ students per group.

For the 30-hour group, the course size is 5 to 7 students.

If less than the required number of students (2-4 people) is registered before the start of the group, the group will be converted into a semi-private group of 20 hours at no additional cost.

Private Lessons

The start date and class times will be established by agreement between the teacher and the consumer at appropriate times.

In private lessons of 20 hours, the schedule can be created from lessons with a minimum duration of 90 minutes per lesson

In 1-hour private lessons, all 1 hour is given in a single lesson, the curriculum cannot be divided.