Corporate language competency assessment

As Lingua Learn Turkey, we offer tailor-made solutions for you in corporate language assessments. Our comprehensive language assessment program, which covers speaking, writing, listening and reading skills, is designed to meet the needs of the business world. It accurately assesses your language proficiency and helps you make informed decisions about language training and development.Our speaking assessment assesses your ability to communicate effectively in the target language; It measures elements such as pronunciation, fluency, and comprehensibility. It evaluates your verbal skills through interactive tasks and real-life scenarios and identifies areas for improvement.Our writing assessment measures your written language skills, such as grammar, vocabulary, and cohesion. Our experienced assessors provide detailed feedback on your written work, highlighting strengths and making suggestions to improve your written communication skills.Our listening assessment measures your comprehension by presenting realistic audio material. It determines your listening proficiency by assessing the comprehension of spoken language in different contexts and suggests strategies to improve your listening skills.Our reading assessment assesses your ability to comprehend a variety of written texts, from business documents to literary works. By assessing your reading speed, comprehension, and vocabulary, it offers valuable information to help you become a more effective reader in the target language.Our corporate language assessments are conducted by experienced linguists who follow internationally recognised assessment standards. Our assessment results are reliable, unbiased and provide a clear picture of your language proficiency.As Lingua Learn Turkey, we know the importance of accurate language assessments in corporate environments. Our assessments help companies identify language training needs, improve employees’ communication skills, and build a workforce equipped with an awareness of multilingualism and cultural awareness.Contact us today and discover the full potential of your organisation’s language skills by scheduling a corporate language assessment. Lingua Learn Turkey is here for effective language assessments and educational solutions.

Organizations wishing to recruit candidates with the required proficiency in the target language or to assess the language levels of existing employees; Lingua Assessment does not use assessment tools.

Our online assessment program will ensure that your potential candidates or current employees have the required level of language proficiency.

Our virtual assessment offers the same validity as the in-person assessment

Our trained assessors carry out the necessary identity and security checks prior to assessment. This is done in person (online) with the candidate providing their passport ID or official photo ID card.

The assessment test can be tailored to fit your industry, if your organization has a certain level of competency that is required, the following competencies can be measured.

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