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How Language Education Should Be for Children

Language education for children may differ from adulthood. In the beginning, children learn languages by hearing and observing. The process of learning a foreign language is considered a natural ability of children because their brains are more inclined to learn languages at that age. Children learn the language around them by hearing, repeating, and experimenting. In the process, they easily grasp the differences and rules between languages.

Children should be motivated through fun methods such as games and interactive activities while learning a foreign language. It supports learning by using games, songs and stories, making it a natural part of the language.

In addition, it is important to provide a language learning environment for children, supported by appropriate materials (books, cards, cartoons). These materials help children improve their language skills while also providing a fun learning experience.

It is also important for adults to contribute to the language learning process of children. Interactions within the family or at school reinforce children’s language skills and increase their self-confidence.

Finally, patience and encouragement are also important. Every child’s language learning speed is different, and some learn faster while others may need more time. Therefore, it is important to allow them to progress at their own pace and methods, which are typical of children.

With Lingua Learn, children learn a foreign language with programs and study materials tailored to their needs and learning styles.

Children's lessons

1-on-1 Tutoring for Kids

By taking 1-on-1 private online lessons, your children can learn more than 15 languages quickly and efficiently with the calendar you set and the program shaped according to you. All trainings are given by certified teachers and free educational materials.

Group Courses for Kids

Group Courses for Kids

If you are new to Portuguese, you can opt for our 1-on-1 private lessons or group courses. All trainings are given by certified teachers and free educational materials.

Compared to other trainings…

  • We are not an educational marketplace that connects you with random teachers. All of our teachers have been carefully selected with Lingua Learn’s high, global accreditation criteria. All of our teachers teach in their native language. He has higher education and language education certificates.
  • We do not provide trainings that do not take place within the framework of a certain syllabus. All of our trainings are carried out seriously and in a planned manner.
  • All of our educational material is copyrighted and professionally prepared and selected in accordance with language training for children. The materials are delivered free of charge before the course to anyone who registers for the training.
  • You are dealing with an institutional structure with the Lingua Learn community, which has international experience and takes responsibility for the quality of your education.

Which Languages Can Children Learn with Language Education for Children

Lingua Learn offers its entire foreign language portfolio for adults as well as language training for children. Examples of these are:

  • English for Kids
  • German for kids
  • French for kids
  • Italian for kids
  • Spanish for kids
  • Portuguese for kids
  • Russian for kids
  • Arabic for kids
  • Mandarin Chinese for kids
  • Hindi for kids
  • Turkish for Kids
  • Japanese for kids

At What Age Can Children Enroll in Education

Children between the ages of 6-10 can enroll in our language courses for children with the approval of their parents. For example, an 8-year-old English course or a 6-year-old German course are given to children with special lessons.

In addition, as Lingua Learn, we organize separate courses for young people between the ages of 11-16 with different educational methodologies than children’s education.

Online language training for children is at Lingua Learn Turkey. Register now!